A wall decal, more commonly known as a wall sticker, is one of the simplest tools in the box when it comes to interior design. If time is of the essence, or if you just have too much on your plate to spend a lot of time designing a space, then wall decals are the solution for you. When before there was a limit in the choice of design for your sticker, technological advancements mean that almost anything can be imagined, designed and produced precisely to your specifications.


Decals will add another layer of depth and creativity to your home, with a massive advantage being that they do not require maintenance. Unlike plants or greenery that you have to tend to regularly. Once they’re on, they’re on, and the only time they’ll catch your attention is when you get lost in their beauty. What’s more, a decal, or maybe a set of them, will rarely require you to break your bank as you may have to do for a fine art piece or a wall mural, yet they can still add marvellous charm and elegance to any room in your house or even in your office space. Wall decals would be particularly apt if you find you have a rather large, bare and tired wall. They can cultivate atmosphere depending on the style of decal you opt for and will be sure to create conversation amongst guests who will marvel at your savvy and stylish interior. Stickers allow you to add “more” to your room, to make it infinitely more interesting without making it feel too cluttered or suffocating. They take up little to no space, yet bring another layer of creativity to space, so are perfect if you find yourself a bit short of space in your home.


If you want something truly eye-catching and “out there”, why not try out 3D decals, they will add new textures if your walls are covered primarily in 2D art. You can be quirky and use funny decals, more chic and sophisticated with black-and-white decals, or maybe a bit of both by incorporating pop art stickers! With all art and interior design, there are rules, but they don’t always need to be followed. Once you have your hands on your decals, you can personalise them further with the way you arrange them, or maybe even cut them up and display them in a more “avant-garde” style – the point being, your imagination is your limit. It is advisable to put your own spin on your wall and make it “you” – a style that is unique and can be appreciated as a breath of fresh air rather than the same old space. Decals can range from landscape, greenery, animals, insect, quotes, geometric designs and patterns both intricate and simple as well as more abstract styles. If you consider yourself a creative individual, wall decals will truly have your brain buzzing with ideas and your rooms will flourish!

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